adhesive rolls, tacky rolls


Adhesive rolls (tacky rolls) are the consumable element in most contact cleaning contamination removal systems. Once the KSM Superblue® elastomer roller has lifted the contamination from your material, it is then permanently transferred to the adhesive roll.

KSM SuperClean® adhesive rolls are available from stock in all sizes from 100mm to 1500mm.


Types of adhesive roll available:

Pre-sheeted – Paper carrier
22M length (70 sheets per roll)
Cores in : 3″ (75mm)

Continuous – Film carrier
20M length
cores in : 1.5″ (38mm), 3″ (75mm), 6″ (150mm)

Continuous – Paper carrier
20M length
cores in : 3″ (75mm)


Packing details for 3″ core adhesive rolls:
widths 150mm – 400mm = packs of 8
widths 500mm – 1021mm = packs of 4
widths 1220mm – 1500mm = packs of 1